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about the artist

For me, art has always seemed so personal.  From the time I was a child, I was always creating my own pieces for my room - from drawings and quotes to pottery and paintings.  Art was my favourite subject at school, an outlet which I always looked forward to.  When my husband and I purchased our own home, I filled it with my own pieces - partly because there was no way we could've afforded 'real' art at the time, and partly because I just could never find the perfect piece.  My brother in law is an artist and we spent many days painting together at the family home in Mudgee - both with our own individual styles, creating pieces that we loved.

Now, many years, three children and a sea-change later, I never would have thought I would be lucky enough to be sharing my pieces with the world.

My love for colour and texture coupled with the joy of the quintessential Aussie Summer has resulted in happy scenes brightening spaces in many special homes.

I am so grateful that others have shared my love for pieces that stemmed from such a personal place, and I hope they make you smile for many years to come.

Elysha x

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